General Essay Writing Recommendations

Every university student has to write an essay in a right way. A good essay should include introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. It is better to start an essay by brainstorming or writing an outline on a separate piece of paper. Just write all ideas you have about your topic. Then you can start your essay. The first thing introduction needs is attention getter, because reader has to be interested in your essay from the first second. It may be a story, a quote, or even a joke. The second you have to write in your introduction is thesis statement. Thesis statement is an idea of your essay. It should be one sentence, where you inform your reader about your topic. It should be short and clear. The next part of an essay is body paragraph. There you have to write a main idea of your essay. An essay may have as many paragraphs as you want. It all depends on your topic. Topic sentence of your paragraph plays a big role. It should be the same clear as your thesis. Quality of an essay is about his simplicity. After you wrote an idea in your topic sentence, you have to explain it. Give different kind of details, and stay on your topic. Do not write about different topics in one body paragraph. Readers appreciate if an essay is easy for understanding. In addition, it is okay to use different sources at your essay. You may make a research about your topic, but it is mandatory to mention at your essay that you have taken that information from somewhere. After you are done with your body, you have to go to the next step. You should finish your essay by a conclusion. The first thing conclusion needs is restated thesis statement. Just write your main idea in different words. It is important to remind your reader about the main idea. Then, you have to write a memorable thought, which your reader will remember for a long time. It may be a story from your life. Follow these rules to be a good writer.