Writing a composition

Writing is an important component of school education. But not everyone knows how to write the right composition. Having learned the algorithm of writing composition on points, you can achieve significant success. What kind of writing is this and how to write it? Composition is an independent written work, in which the student shares his own opinion on a certain topic. Many students have questions about how to write a composition correctly. First of all, it is worth considering the concept. Everyone has a personal opinion, and it’s impossible to consider any particular approach as the only true one. So you’d not be afraid of your own thoughts and ideas, it’s better to express them safely on paper. And the second – it should be remembered that the composition is distinguished by a special structure. It includes the introduction, the main part and the conclusion. Knowing this feature, writing a composition is much easier. And the result is more logical than in the case of free reflections without a special structure, which, rather, can be called an essay. If you compose a plan for writing the composition, the first item in it will be work on the topic. It should be carefully through, dealt with all related issues, imagine what should be highlighted in the work first. Don’t take the topic in a very broad sense. If it’s devoted to the book as a whole, the reflections can be quite free, but if it’s supposed to analyze the image of specific characters, there is nothing to write about the plot or story of the work. Examiner or teacher will much more appreciate the logical composition. How to write correctly without deviating from the topic? For example, by drawing up a list of immediate questions and consistently responding to them or being inspired by a critical article of a similar theme. To understand how to write the right composition, you must know about how to analyze the most important. For example, if you need to write about this hero, you need to think about all the episodes with him, about his character, behavior, the essence of the phenomena around him. A student should be able to use literary criticism and evaluate the characteristics of a literary work. Without such skills, writing composition-reasoning will be unsuccessful, and the assessment is unlikely to make you happy. Reasoning should be logical and coherent. The writing without argumented theses with the confirmation of his point of view will be frankly unsuccessful. You can’t describe random fragments of the narrative that come to mind. Composition needs the main idea, which will be supported by each new paragraph. The understatement or excessive detailing will distract from this structure and lead to a decrease in the score. Therefore, it is advisable to argue their judgments and direct them solely to the main issue of written work, which, as a rule, is formulated by the topic itself. To support each statement with evidence, one can refer to critical articles or historical sources.С